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by Tamika Johnson

Discouragement, pain, fear, sadness,
those days were no longer going to control her.
How does she begin to mend herself back together?
The path so dark and long; she was still afraid to get some help.
Until one day she prayed to God to give her life, to give her what she had missed all those years, to give her a reason to live.
She started to pick up all those missing pieces that were all broken in her life and put them back to together.
Just as she did,
God opened several doors for her.
So many doors he opened, she couldn’t decide the right door to stroll though.
Traveled through the first door and r
eceived so much negativity. Some said she’ll never do anything with her life, she’ll always be a failure, and she’ll never succeed. She listened to that for so long, she thought it was the truth.
Continued on her journey through the second door and she was blessed to receive no more pain, fear, and sadness.
Walked through the third door and it was the path of healing. She received happiness, love, and respect.
Still one more door remained, she opened it and she saw this light, a bright light, shining right in her face, that light was her path to a healthy life.
A life, she thought she never had,
A life, she wanted to give up,
A life, she hoped someday she would soon receive back.

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