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by Xuan Mai Nguyen

When she was little, she was told two things,

to fight her monsters, to be her own king.

So she traveled far, and she traveled wide,

and she won her battles each time she tried.

Somewhere down the road she lost her focus,

She blamed her fate; she cursed her purpose.

Did she dream too much or not enough?

Was she wrong to hate, was she right to love?


Life's black and white line began to blur,

and who she was, was not who she'd prefer.

Maybe the heavens could grant her a wish,

could tell her, her triumphs were more than this.


But she knew her wish was within her command,

so again she journeyed to a faraway land.

She slayed a few dragons and kissed a few frogs,

and her troubles became just troubling thoughts.

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