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Love is Finally Here

by Tamika Johnson

Love finally came her way,
she searched, she prayed for that special man to enter her life someday.
So unexpectedly that man sauntered her way.
For a minute, she thought it was all a dream.
They talked every day, even for hours at night,
no man has ever made her smile the way he did.
They realized they had so much in common
she was attracted to him
he made her laugh till she nearly cried
it was like they were inseparable
they were meant to be
he was someday her King, and she was someday his Queen.
But after those daily conversations and late-night talks,
the perfect man that she thought she had finally found,
was after all her perfect man.
She pondered how this could not be,
because this man had all the qualities and so much more.
And then,
He begins to open up to her
he begins to tell her, how beautiful and special she is to him
he begins to tell her, that a seri
ous commitment is what he desires
he then tells her, how the one thing he wants most, hopefully she can give him
he finally told her, those daily conversations and long night talks will never cease; he would always call her, because talking to her daily brightens his day.
Finally, her search has ended
So excited she can finally be loved, be happy, have someone to be with forever, have someone to just hold her and lay next to at night.
All she ever wanted was a good, loving, respectful and romantic man.
And that man has finally sauntered her way.

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