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Love's Anchor

by Veida Dima

      They’ll come for you when it’s your time, sailing in the breeze, searching for love.
       Brace yourself for the formidable wave pushing you down as you stand back up.
      Untainted souls, fresh with salty tears streaming down, just waiting for it to start.
      Swimming fast against the intense current, for a fleeting moment time stands still.
     There is nothing you can do about the tide on the horizon, that’ll come for you too.
   The heavy anchor slips out of your hands, as your ride cruises on without any delay.
Before you know it, your part of the journey has ended as you dock at your destination.
      The sailors continue without you, though you see the disconcerting torrents ahead
      Brace yourself for impact, know that you’ve done your part, they are at the helm.

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