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My Beloved

by Chinonso Oguh

You say we burned too bright, too fast,

but I would forever burn with you.

I will hold onto you, my beloved.

With your body intertwined with mine,

I feel warm for the very first time


Our threads were spun together

from the moment we met. 

Even if the universe falls apart,

Even if the gods cease to exist.

They will not fray with time.


I know you fought for me, until the very end

with your shield raised high

standing on weakened feet.

I just want you to love me, until the very end.

Please don’t leave my side.


In this time, they will twist us and our words.

In this time, they will say we are nothing special.

If we fade, we fade together, my beloved

I waited for you, I’d have waited for an eternity,

I knew we would meet once more


Lay with me in the earth

Here they cannot tell us our lives

Here they cannot tell us how to die

Do not fear what can no longer reach us

We do not need to fight them anymore


Our tale will ring in their ears for ages to come

Our lives will not be forgotten. 

Our deaths will not be forgotten. 

Our bodies will fade, but our stories will stay. 

They will tell stories of us, my beloved.

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