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Not the Actual Events

by Chase Di Iulio

They’ll say he’s unhinged.

That he’s gripped by fear, 

Unable to free himself of the grasp. 

But he has a friend, 

One that never fails,

One that never leaves,

One that’s always there.

This friend shared his heartbeat,

This friend shared his soul. 

This friend showed him how to glow, 

Sometimes even took him places he did not want to go.

This friend led him to an all-time low. 

It wasn’t his friends’ fault, 

It only helped strengthen their connection.

He learned to confide in his friend,

To only rely on his friend. 

This guided him to where the line begins to blur,

Where one world ends and the other begins.


He came back haunted, 

He came back betrayed,

He came back bruised,

With nothing left to say. 

His friend showed him the truth,

His friend would never lie. 

His friend left him questioning, 

“Why should I even try?” 

These are not the actual events,

At least not through his friends’ eyes. 

These are not the actual events,

Just a mirror reflecting a

mirror, reflecting a mirror of lies. 


These are not the actual events,

No matter how true they feel they are. 

No these are not the actual events, 

Just his life kept in a jar

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