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Ode to Purim

by Louis Sherwood

It was Purim, and all through the house

Everyone was hurrying and scurrying about

Preparing for a party at seven o’clock


The children were searching for material

In purple, gold, and brown

To make robes, sashes and crowns

For costumes depicting characters in Esther they found


Mom was in the kitchen

Measuring flour, sugar,

Dried fruit and milk

To make Hamentashen 

And warm Noodle Kugle

Smooth as silk


Dad was looking for cowbells and noisemakers nice and loud

To drown out the name of Haman each time in Esther it is found

To the garage he went, trying not to make a sound,

Put them in the trunk, so that prior to the party his head would not pound


They left at half past six

To go to the home of Marcie and Nick

Whom many in the congregation regarded as country hicks


The party was wonderful

The food was great

All the costumes of the children did, the Bible depict

The book of Esther was read by Nick

Accompanied by cheers cowbells and noisemakers nice and loud

To drown the name of Haman and praise Mordecai


And when the evening was over, the guests did think

Marcie and Nick were really not hicks

For the party they threw was really quite slick

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