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Permission to Speak Freely

by Qualon Gray

Permission to speak freely?

Permission granted

But everything you say can and will be weaponized in the hearts of those around you.

Innocent words no matter how infant and joyful in nature

Cand be dangerous

That small word now a bullet piercing the hearts of the ones you love one at a time.

Sorry had never healed a single wound

In fact, it may the most insignificant word in known to man.

Permission to speak freely?

Mean words are funny.

Concerning words brushed aside.

I'm "just kidding" but those are the lies in which I take the least pride.

I hide so deep in sarcasm no one takes me seriously.

They say sarcasm is a sign of intelligence

For me it's become dull it's hardly a sign of life.

Permission to speak freely?

There's no such thing

Every word costs you more than you know.

Space in someone's brain, better yet, or ever worse

Their heart.

Words can touch hearts.

That power comes at cost always.

There is no permission to speak freely, because everything you say,


And will.

Be weaponized and a danger to all who hear

Even the speaker.

Especially the speaker.

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