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Pretty Little Hate Machine

by Chase Di Iulio

She claimed to be the voice of heroes nobody else could see,

She claimed to be on the right side of morality.

Then, when came night,

she became the wearer of all things evil, irrationally. 


I gave her everything,

My smiles, my tears, my soul. 

I invested my life for a future untold,

I gave her my heart and she turned it cold. 


She showed me a world eyes aren’t meant to see,

Like Dante I feared there was no escape for me.

If I was twice the man I could be,

I’d still be half of what she’d need. 


Still, she kept me lingering by a thread, 

While she consorted with demons in the night, 

Leaving me alone with skin held tight, 

I had nothing but a bottle and a hope to be dead by light. 


Like a tactical neural implant, 

She poisoned my brain, 

Making me feel as though I was less than sane. 


When confronted with her lies and abuse,

Her answer was to have me interrogated,

And forced me to be medicated. 

I couldn’t find a way to get cut loose. 


She had me chained to the wall,

Begging for help and change from it all. 

Blaming me for the pain of her lies, 

She left me abandoned in ways unclean.

Yet she always refused to believe

that she was a Pretty Little Hate Machine.


I now sit with my life back in my hands,

Free from everything in her hellish lands,

Free from everything mean.



Free from the Pretty Little Hate Machine.

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