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Red Wine and Dead Roses

by Susan Eliason

Every time I close my eyes I can still see the scene,
When I arrived home,
I saw our favorite dinner, 
sitting on the kitchen table, 
so elegantly adorned.
Soft candlelight flickered,
Sweet red wine rested in the finest goblets ready to be savored.
The smell of fresh cut roses climbed into my nose,
It filled me with a sense of love and seduction,
I couldn’t fight the smile from spreading across my face.
The faintest aroma hit me, 
I didn’t recognize it,
I dismissed it and kept walking through the house,
A song sweeps through the air from the bathroom,
I hadn’t heard this song since we lost our child,
Our loss hit you the hardest,
I saw the pain every day,
Aging you as lines spread across your once taut face.
You told me this night would be special,
Maybe your heart was finally healed?
I walked through the house to the door and opened it to expose you in the 
Your head was leaned to the side,
I stepped in and saw it, 
My eyes couldn’t understand what I was seeing,
I collapsed beside you tears cutting my cheeks, stinging my eyes, and 
destroying my heart.
I finally realized why tonight was so special.
There in the bathtub, 
In the thick red water,
I see you,
Sweet beautiful decaying you

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