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by Chase Di Iulio

She leads you to her den,
Just in time to watch her molt,
Her cold-blooded skin falling to the floor.
She shows you her scales,
Then constricts you,
And makes you wish for nothing more.

The sun rises and she continues to hibernate,
You crawl out of her den and find a way back to normal life.
By nightfall, she awakens angry and hungry again.
Yet this time she doesn’t let you in,
You’re too cold for her warm interests.

You break down the door
And find all the answers to questions you’d hoped no clarity for.
She reveals her fangs and sinks her lies into your skin,
Then the venom of truth seeps in.
The venomous answers infect your veins,
Trailing tainted blood throughout your brain.

You feel it run through you, but you don’t die.
No that wouldn’t be fun,
She gave you just enough to hurt and yet keep you alive.
Just enough to keep you in line.

You fall to your knees and you surrender.
The venom cultivates within you,
You feel yourself fading away
As the host starts to lose control.

Just when you think it’s all over,
The sun peeks through the curtains
And the warmth washes over your face.
She slithers back into her den and takes off her scales,
Revealing an angel underneath.

An angel meant to lure you into her den,
An angel meant to trick you with lies,
For she’s no angel at all,
She’s just keeping herself entertained 
Long enough until she’s content and leaves you to die.

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