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Separate but Equal

by Joshua Mouton

I'm Proud to be an American

but America isn't proud of me,

They said I'm separate but equal

so Jim Crow was created just for me,

those water fountains were created just for me,

cus Lord forbid you drink after me and catch my black disease

Those toilets, the back of the bus, a separate train, the back of that

           restaurant was designed for

people who look just like me

like a VIP picking up my food straight from the kitchen hot as could be.

Thank you for going thru the troubles of keeping me down

cus I know my oppression has always been key,

Seeing my people as they swing low and swing high from a tree,

Then a hundred years later you assassinate Dr. King......

You took all the better versions that I could be,

so how could you not be stuck with this thugged out ass version of me....

Cus you don't know my pain

Yeah you hear it in my voice...

You know what,

Who am I kidding

This shit is in vain

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