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The Father Who Stepped Up

by Yakelina Vargas Mendez

Lost in the Suicide Forest 
From age six, 

I cried and yelled for help, 
But no one heard me. 


For the next two years, 
I was alone and cold. 
Filled with scratches, 
And hungry for love. 


One day, 
In the mist of terror, 
A man came along. 


He saw me, 
But I ran as far away as I could. 
Instead of turning back, 
He ran towards me. 


In the middle of the Suicide Forest, 
I yelled again, 
Again, and again, 
But no one came around. 


That’s when I saw him again, 
Standing there, 
He held a candle, 
To brighten my step. 


He extended his hand, 
For me to grasp. 
I held his hand, 
And never will I let it go. 

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