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The Veil

by Jasmine Murphy

Behind the veil is where the monster lives
Scaring everyone who catches a glimpse.
Although you cannot see him in your every day,
You can feel his presence; strong and immense.


The monster you see in your peripherals,
In a glass, or in a puddle,
Is the one that calls out loud with power
Causing your head to ache and your heart to race.
Fear not though, for your life is not in danger,
It is just your happiness it wishes to devour.


But the calls are not out of malicious intent.
They are simply the voices caught in the wind,
Left behind in a dark room,
Fighting for a life to live.


The monster we don’t look at calls from deep within,
Roaring and screaming for a chance to be seen.
Left unattended, the cages bars become rusty,
And the monster knows that this is his chance to be free


It is your own emotions that live inside you,
Wishing to be heard and expressed.
For the monster inside each and every one of us
Simply has needs to be met.
But lock them away and you will find,
That every monster escapes the veil we knit.

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