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The Work

by Joselyne Gonzalez

The smell of dirt and onion was a sort of comfort 
As you saw, the multiple rows just continue 
Till it looks like it fell off the world
As the sun starts to slowly swallow the dark 
We knew it was time to work till it sets 
We had to work fast 
For every sack of onions was 1 dollar 
As the big red scissors would start snipping, they won't stop 
Until lunchtime
We would pop the trunk and sit under our very little shade.
Kids crying that it's hot 
Parents eating bean tacos or egg & bacon tacos
As we started for round 2, kids would run to the big truck
To gather piles of sacks for parents
As that would be the only fun for them 
The very little air that would blow 
It would be such a bliss 
The cuts that we would get from the big scissors 
Would be ignored 
Didn't have time to take care of an injury
It'll heal itself with the dirt 
As the sun sets, we stop 
And count not leaving a sack uncounted 
Take off our boots and hang them upside down 
So no spiders would get in 
Adding all our sacks, relieved for the amount gathered 
We shall eat well today
A good shower washing out all the dirt 
Stuck on your skin 
After a full stomach 
Our heads touch our pillows and won't wake up 
Till the sky turns orange again 

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