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To the Men that Made Me Cry

by Bailey G. O'Donnell

Tears spent on men
Are simply tears wasted


The first one was just a friend
A childhood friend
Someone who should have grown
Parallel lives in that home


We were young
But it was fun
Though we didn’t know
How apart we’d grow


The second went away
Just left without closure
My heart never heard the mayday
Growing raw from limited exposure


Laughter filled the shared moments
Mutual friends turned more
Inside jokes and common values
Connection was never a chore


The third came along by accident
A happy accident
He was my friend first
Then left my heart in a hearse


Ghosting was common
With big gaps tearing through sagas
When we connected it clicked
But I wasn’t the one he picked


The fourth one was a nice guy
Self-aware and sweet
So I was going to give it a try
But the feelings weren’t for keeps


Hours and hours
Over written and voice
Sharing secrets and feelings
Everything else but us


The fifth just appeared
Nearly out of thin air
My brain spun in hyper speed
There is so much we share


We are basically the same
Attention deficit hyperactive
Four hours away, I complain
He had head and heart captive


Six has yet to show his face
But I know he will come
Unknown is the time and place

At this point I just need to run

The tears come and go
Each time I feel the no
Wasted and wasted
Are these tears I leave for boys.

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