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To The One Who Consumes My Toughts

by Bailey O'Donnell

           To the one who consumes my thoughts, I have a few things to say to you. You are the one who keeps me awake at night, playing and replaying every interaction we have. You are the one who makes me smile without even being present, as I remember your smile or reread a text message from you. I cannot express these words to your face, for I would stumble and ruin their raw intention. There are so many things I could and want to say to you in addition to these, but I have poured my most important words together for you, and you alone. 


           Oh I am so obsessed with the way your hand fits perfectly into mine. You are the missing puzzle piece in my mess. Even when I am slipping, you are there to catch me. You tug and pull and hold on tight. I have missed so many things in life until you came along. Hand-in-hand, you open my eyes to so many wondrous joys in the world. Some would call you a romantic, but I embrace your talent to see the unique among the mess. Your palm against mine makes more sense than anything else in the world. Pull me close and let me be home with you.

           Oh I am so obsessed with how you move in every aspect and every action of your life. There is never a still moment in you; motion is what makes you feel alive. You command the world to keep their attention on you, and it is pleased to oblige. With ease, you capture those around you into your circle of motion. You are a whirlwind, utter chaos, awe, and beauty. I am enraptured by the way you sweep through life, owning your moments and giving freely to others. 

           Oh I am so obsessed with how your effortless smile brightens my entire world. It gives me hope in humanity; courage in us. Your smile is always perfect in timing, beautifully juxtaposed to your struggle to find the right things to say. It makes you authentic and genuine, and raw. I cannot get enough of your small slice of sunshine. You embody all that is beautiful and whimsical in the world, and I wish to soak it all up – soak up all of you. 


           Oh I am so obsessed with the way your head lays on my chest. To my amazement, you still make me nervous when we are together. Your touch sends ripples of electricity through me that I cannot explain save for that you are phenomenal. I am baffled with every moment you confide in me and trust my company. This is more than anything I have ever felt before. You chose me; I have done nothing to deserve your authenticity. Remain here; I’m home as long as I am yours.

           Oh I am so obsessed with your virtue and worth. No one can tell you who you are. No one can tell you who are not. Your confidence ripples off of you and transforms those around you into people who want to produce excellent work. You know your worth, and no one can tell you otherwise. The values you uphold for yourself weave their way into every decision you make, influencing even my choices. You push me to become a more formidable person. Although I would never tell anyone else, you make me see hope again.  

           Oh I am so obsessed with how you still give me butterflies every time I see you. How do I get so nervous when I look into your eyes? One look, and I am sent reeling. Somehow you keep me raptured and mesmerized more and more with every passing day. When I look at you, my breath evaporates. Butterflies will never stop me from falling in love with you. I hope I never take you for granted. You’re everything I have ever wanted, but never thought I would find. Every time you step into my view, I am reminded of how I have found the one for me. You are so worth the wait. 

           Oh I am so obsessed with the way you love me. Somehow you bring out the things in me that I have buried deep, deep down within. Yet you continue to love the things I hate about myself. My imperfections are somehow the source of your smiles. No one knows but you, how I’m a mess when I overthink the little things in my head. You always seem to help me catch my breath. You wrap me with warmth and love that I could not even begin to thank you for. You’re everything that I have ever wanted, but never thought I would find. Us is enough. 

           Oh I am so obsessed with you.

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