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Fall 2022

"Comments" by Arletth Fraga

"The Work" by Joselyne Gonzalez

"Un Dia a la Vez" by Cesar Espino

"It'll Be Okay" by Jasmine Murphy

"A Warm Place" by Chase Di Ilulio

"Music Makes Me Happy" by Cameron Ward

"Blossoms" by Veida Dima

"Love's Anchor" by Veida Dima

"DiZzY" by Veida Dima

"Preschool Tyrant" by Meredith Newman

"20/20 Vision" by Andre Coble

"My Beloved" by Chininso Ough

"This is Not a Love Poem" by Chinonso Ough

"Love is Religion" by Chinonso Ough

"Lemon Tree" by Xuan Mai Nguyen

"King" by Xuan Mai Nguyen

"Jellybean" by Xuan Mai Nguyen

"The Awakening" by Selina Humphery

"Seperate but Equal" by Joshua Mouton

"Unaplogetic" by June Johnson

"Tick-Tock Tick-Tock" by June Johnson

"What A Beautiful Day" by June Johnson

"Love is Finally Here" by Tamika Johnson

"The Road to Recovery" by Tamika Johnson

"Doors" by Tamika Johnson

"Ode to Purim" by Louis Sherwood

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