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by Arletth Fraga


​Comments like:
“That is what you are wearing?”
“What are you selling?”
Make a self-conscious person, 
Always wondering if their outfits are appropriate

Comments like:
“You talk too much,”
“You can never be quiet, can you?”
Make a quiet person, 
Never saying what they are thinking 

Comments like:
“Why are you stressed, at your age I was never stressed”
“You are fine, you should not be crying,”  
Make a numb person, 
Always repressing their emotions so no one sees them

Comments like:
“What does it matter, everyone graduates high school,”
“A 91? You could have gotten a 100,”
Makes a perfectionist, 
Never believing that what they create is good enough. 

Now imagine if all of these comments, 
were to be said to one person. 
That would make a very
nervous, shy, apathetic, overachieving person. 
Hi, my name is Arletth Fraga, who are you?

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