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Spring 2023

"Clementines" by Alexa Colvin

"To Be in Someone's Heart" by Kellan Pham

"Memory Loss" by Hannah Ellis

"Mamita Querida" by Yakelina Vargas Mendez

"My Hands" by Cameron Rogers

"Where Credit is Due" by Cameron Rogers

"Connection" by Estrella Almazan

"The Veil" by Jasmine Murphy

"Flowers" by Dianalaura Damian-Castillo

"Are You a Man or a Wolf?" by Miranda Reese

"Red Wine and Dead Roses" by Susan Eliason

"To the Men That Made Me Cry" and "Quite Nice Actually" by Bailey G. O'Donnell

"Our Love Never Fades" by Chinonso Oguh

"Magnetism" and "Futility of Will" by Selina Humphery

"I Am Not Enough" by Anonymous

"Reptile" by Chase Di Ilulio

"The Father Who Stepped Up" by Yakelina Vargas Mendez

"AI Catgirls" and "That Semester Sucked" by Alexa Colvin

"The Lovers" by Sun Park

"A Little Pianist" by Riko Maeda

"Possession" by Monserrat Soto

"Do I Bleed?" by Cameron Rogers

"Cat Memo" by Miranda Reese

"LOVE ME / LOVE ME NOT" by Faculty and Students at Sigma Tau Delta's Valentine's Day Celebration

"Beauty is You and Me" and "Hold God's Hand" by Tamika Johnson

"It's All For You" by June Johnson

"Would You?" by Kollyn Payne

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